Managed IT Solutions service contracts, operations and basic support with a structured approach, applying our experience and skills to deliver optimal functionality. Remote Monitoring systems are used to benchmark operational health and identify areas of poor performance, from server responsiveness to database capacity. We deliver not only the technical work, but include proper procedures and vendor guidelines; ensuring Information Technology performs as it was designed to perform.

Free Site Inspection

We do a free site inspection and customize a support package with pricing and options that will cater both for your business or personal IT support requirements and budget.

Contact us for a free site visit and we will discuss your requirements or send us an e-mail and brief description of what kind of IT services and or support you require.


  • IT Governance Processes and Procedures.
  • Adherence to Internal and External Audits and preparations of.
  • Policy creations and maintenance thereof.
  • Operational Processes
  • Day to day management of your IT Services
  • IT Projects Management
  • Systems Security Reviews and Audits
  • Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Supply of Certified and skilled IT Professionals